One problem applicant on the Web is the inability to use special plugin, with this plugin can work around this problem.
Indeed loading in the directory “fonts/” the font you want, we can convert any text string or title in the images.

For now the conversion is bound to the title, or the simple text.
Coming soon develop the project for other items.

as text Example
as image bg black
as image bg trasparent

The plugin is now in English and Italian, if someone translated into other languages post it to me and I put in the archive.
This guide is intended to guide the user in the use of this plugin.

For any problems, help or tips please Contact Us.

1.0-> Installation

- Download the file
- Extract the folder and place it in the folder ‘wp-content/plugins’ of your site.
- Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
- You can find the plugin at menu Themes

2.0-> Interface

These are the three pages that allow you to manage and edit pictures.
Sliding you have a small description.

2.1-> List

This is the first screen plugin. Here is where all the formatting.
You can do two operations, create a new text formatting or change a style already created by pressing on.

2.2-> New / Update

[singlepic=3,320,240,,]Now analyze step by step all the items of this panel for insert/editing.
You can understand if you are entering or changing the title.
Once filled all the fields you can go and enter the preview record permanently.

- Name
Choose a name.
You can not edit the item ‘title’.

- Block
I want to focus on voice transparent. This plugin generates PNG transparent, but must be used with precautions. Unfortunately, the aliasing is not precise consequently leaves a small halo of background color chosen. So the best choice is to set a background color similar to the background color of the page on which will go to enter.
Here you can choose all the settings to block the outline of containment. then width height of the block, the choice of background color and text.

- Font
Here you can choose the settings of the text.
You can choose the font type and its height (to add more fonts upload the file to the folder of fonts in your plugin).


3. Left margin
4. Top margin

- Example’s test
Where is the voice title, is a simple example. In other cases is the text that appears.

2.3-> Preview

[singlepic=1,320,240,,]On this page you see a preview of the result with the script to be used in the pages of the topic.

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